Social Capital Analysis helps in assessing your social capital within the organization. Every organization has hidden networks of relationship that employees use in order to get work done or to make decisions or to solve problems. This is the Social Capital of an individual. It is the collection of resources of an individual which may become available for him/her as a history of relationships he holds in the organization.
Human Capital confines to the nature of human competencies within the scope of the organization system. Social Capital emphasizes on the complex often intangible nature of human social relationships which forms the base for every interaction within the organization system.
While Human Capital Analysis in organizations happens through 360 Degree Analysis, Assessment Centres, Surveys & Interviews within the formal organizational hierarchy/work structure, Social Capital Analysis goes behind and in-between the formal structure to perform an X-ray of the social interactions in organizations to understand how employees REALLY work together to share information, ideate, build trust, make decisions and solve problems.


Leadership Development

“One of the greatest talents is recognising and maneuvering the talent around… and achieving the impossible with it…”

Leaders need not be only high performers but also need to possess high social capital. Influential leaders are well connected, more visible and well positioned to build trusted networks and strategically leverage their connections in different contexts.

Social Capital Analysis identifies the connected capability of leaders by studying their current positions and helps them in building their social capital in order to have a competitive advantage over the others.

Change and Transformation

“We cannot binding timelines and limited resources has become what we need by remaining what we are…”

Implementing large-scale organizational change initiatives in become a mandate for today’s leaders. In the face of such changes, internal resistance is unavoidable and can be a crucial derailer to change.

Social Capital Analysis done before a change initiative, can help facilitate the transition by leveraging on the change agents as catalyst and utilizing their network positions to gain greater buy-in at all levels.

Engagement and Inclusion

“We are less when we don’t include everyone”

The more connected an individual is, the more engaged he/she tends to be. An organization does not benefit from diversity without inclusion. Usually, lack of inclusion shows up when individuals from a particular diverse sub-group are excluded from certain networks.

Social Capital Analysis identifies the key opinion leaders who nurture engagement, catch disengagement early and create an inclusive workplace that embraces and integrates diversity.

Collaboration and Innovation

"Great ideas emerge when interaction channels are open and free flowing…"

Confluence of thoughts across functionally diverse groups in a non-judgmental and informal way may lead to nurturing the creativity. This may ultimately lead to the birth of out-of-the routine ideas for growth strategy. Conversion of these ideas to invoices is the core essence of innovation.

Social Network Analysis gauges these cross-functional and free-flowing channels of communication and maps the possibility of Innovation in an organization system.

Talent Management

"Talent Management is all about talent positioning - having the right talent at the right place at the right time"

Effective Talent Management becomes a critical anchor to business performance, especially strategically crucial activities like succession planning needs to be well thought through and cannot be just limited to the Board.

Social Capital Analysis illuminates and leverages on the collective intelligence of the entire organization and illuminates each candidate’s position in the network and his/her resulting power/influence within the system.

Network Lens

"People can either inspire you or drain you. Its important to pick them wisely - thats what is a leader's success network"

For a new leader, there is always so much to do with imperfect information and never enough time. His ability to make smart decisions, is largely dependent on having access to the right resources at the right time. Smart leaders tend to build informal “go-to”teams and critical connections that become their life force to build their presence.

Social Capital analysis of the organization helps leaders spot people who are strategically positioned in the organization, understand their influence within the network and connect with them to initiate a change and/or to make critical decisions.


Three level Insights of ORGNODES

People: Who are the power nodes and key connections within the organization. What kind of roles do they play in the organization’s trusted network. For e.g.: The Influencers, Socializers, Decision Makers, etc.

Position: Based on why and with whom interaction happens (Content & Context), one can determine the key positions people hold in the organization. For e.g. Who is connected with most people, Who is most trusted, Who is aware of what’s going on, who are the Information brokers, etc.

Projection: With the help of the above insights, the tool can predict some of the people related decisions & behaviors, suggest and aid in reorganizing roles, succession planning, New Leader Orientation, etc.


Custom Built

Orgnodes is customizable to the context and scope of organizations and provide the most accurate Social Capital insights to organizations

With / Without the Expert

We aspire to develop Orgnodes with everyday business people in mind. As a result, anyone can leverage the power ofSocial Capital Analysis with no prior knowledge, as it is proven scientific

Unique Insights

Orgnodes provide insights at the organizational and individual level providing unique, measurable and actionable insights to the audience

Ease of Deployment

Our deployment dashboard will provide a user-friendly experience to set and administer. The user can add and remove additional questions to enhance and focus the deployment's objectives

Additional expertise

Orgnodes study is complete with well articulated actionables based on the insights. ODA with its team of experts can help you in designing and facilitating that onward journey

Data Privacy

All of the data used in Orgnodes is secure and is never used for anything other than our analysis


Collect Data

We start with a short 8 to 10 questions survey that is backed with Orgnodes literature and its relevence. All we need here is list of employees and scope of work.

Analyze the Network

Once the survey is complete, the analysis begins on our secure cloud server. Each participant recives a personalized report while selected top leaders will get access to the organizational report.

Deliver Results

Beyond the report, we offer a facilitated workshop to help clients to transform these insights into action for the individuals, teams and organizations


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